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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shop Smart



* Suits
* Sport jackets
* Dress shirts
* Dress pants
* Ties


* Chinos
* Sweaters
* Polo shirts
* Shoes
* Socks
* Belts
* Overcoats
* Accessories



Dark gray = All business.
Black = Sophisticated, urban.
Tan = Earthy but sophisticated.


For year-round, mid weight wool and wool blends will get you through most seasons. In summertime, a tropical wool or linen is often more comfortable, while winter, a heavier wool or wool flannel will keep you better insulated.


Again, the big decision here is whether to go with pleated or flat-front pants. Each is appropriate, but some larger men may find pleated trousers more roomy, although flat-front is more slimming. Pleated pants should be cuffed (1 ½”) whereas flat-front trousers often look more streamlined when unruffled. As for the width of the legs, styles vary slightly every season, but not enough so that it’s noticeable. Basically, stay away from the extremes: Too narrow or too baggy. Most important, wear your trousers on your gut, but it only highlights the fact that you have one. It just looks sloppy.


What it says: Although more casual than a shirt and tie, a nice polo sweater says you know how to work hard and still be comfortable.
How to say it best: A polo shirt works best with a sport jacket, but it’s refined enough to be paired with a suit. Navy and charcoal gray will mix best with your suits, while a maroon or dark green would likely go well with the sport jackets.


Soft briefcase: The soft briefcase has replaced the hard case in the last decade.
How to say it best: A soft leather briefcase should also be black, dark brown, or tan with either brass or silver fixtures.
The attaché case: This tradition hand case tells people you’re all business nothing is going to get in the way of your work, even if you have to lock it up.
How to say it best: Black, brown, or tan leather with brass or silver fixtures.


Three or four suits, several sport jackets and pants, many shirts and ties, a few pairs of shoes, and handful of power accessories.

Why it matters: Building the proper business wardrobe is critical to success in the workplace as it prepares you for every occasion and signals to everyone that you being.

Guidelines: What do I need? How much do I need?

Quality control: At this point in your professional life, buy the best you can afford for your budget. It will certainly affect the quantity of what you purchase, but in the long run, the quality items will last longer and give you a greater return on the investment.

SHOP SMART: Buy a Business Suit

The suit you buy for your interview will not be the last one you ever buy, but since it may be the first one you own, it has to be versatile: Think of it as the Swiss Army knife in your closet.
To continue reading about mens business suits and how to buy them or order your business suits with us, check out this link.

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