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Sunday, July 30, 2006

How To Hire A Custom Tailor To Make Mens Suits And Mens Shirts

If you can't find the clothes you're looking for at a store, consider having them made. Good tailors can create garments that reflect your personal style and fit your figure impeccably. They also can perform minor miracles when you need an item updated or altered.

The Steps:
1. Ask friends or your favorite online custom tailoring site for recommendations. A local fabric store is another possible source for referrals. Otherwise, look up "Custom Tailors" in any search engine.

2. Talk to tailors about their skills and experience. Do they specialize in a certain sort of work, such as bridal gowns or suits? Women's or men's clothing?

3. Check availability and turnaround time. If possible, give the tailor a deadline that's a few weeks before you need an item, in case of an unexpected delay.

4. Inquire about their rates. Although tailors should be able to give you a ballpark estimate, they'll need specifics before they will give you a firm price. Good websites though will display their pricing upfront.

5. For custom designs, ask to make sure they can replicate the style and design you have in mind.

6. Send any garments or pictures that would help illustrate what you'd like done. If a tailor is reluctant to try something, ask why; his or her expert opinion might change your mind.

7. Take advantage of what tailors can do to update or alter existing garments. Generally, it's far easier to take in or shorten clothes than to let them out or lengthen them. Adding cuffs, narrowing pants legs and changing necklines are all possible. Complexity adds to the price, and some alterations aren't worth it unless the piece is very high-quality, or a beloved, irreplaceable garment.

8. Once the tailor has a firm idea of what you expect, get a description of the work, the price and the delivery date in writing.

Overall Tips:
Make sure that when sending in sizes, you measure both legs and arms for symmetry.

The more complex the job, the more the measurements and details will be required by the tailor.

What to look for:Personal recommendation
Skills, experience, and specialization
Availability and price
Knowledge and thirst for detail.

Thailand and other Asian countries are known for having tailors and seamstresses who make exquisitely crafted custom-tailored clothes in a few days (or even a few hours) for unbelievable prices. A suit can be as inexpensive as $200 or shirts can be as economical as $40 for a good custom made one.

1. Ship any item of clothing that you want copied and send magazines and clothing catalogs that show designs you want made. A talented tailor can copy many garments swiftly and skillfully.

2. Ask other shoppers, view their testimonials to save your self time and money.

3. Browse fabrics, either at the tailor's site or in fabric stores. In addition to the variety of silks in Asia--such as raw silk, print silk, patterned silk and brocade--you can buy cotton and other fabrics. Flip through swatches in the site and tell them the fabrics and patterns. A tailor will charge for any fabric or trims you do not supply.

4. Give the tailor adequate guidance. If you're using a picture for reference or duplicating an article of clothing, explain any modifications you want to the piece. For example, perhaps you like a dress shirt in a photo, but you don't want the chest pocket, or you may want a slit up both sides of a suit coat, not just the back center.

5. Discuss price in advance. Expect to pay a flat rate that includes measurement and fittings. If ordering more than a few items you can always expect some sort of discount - either a flat dollar or percentage amount or a free custom made item.

6. Find out when the clothes will be ready. However, make sure you allow enough time.

You can have clothes custom-made for friends and family if you have their measurements. Ask if the tailor will continue the relationship via mail, if you want future garments created.

What to look for:Clothing you want copied
Magazines and catalogs
Trusted referrals
Quality fabrics
Adequate guidance
Upfront price agreement

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