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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Some Suggestions For Randomly Selected Faq's

Q: How do I get the creases out of my tie?A: Put the two ends of the tie together and roll the tie around your finger like a belt. Slip it off your finger and leave it rolled up over night. The following morning, hang it up and the creases should be gone.

Q: What traditional top coats style are to be worn over a suit? A: The most popular are the 3 button full length top coat or the 6 button double-breasted top coat. (See top coat style section at for pictures)

Q: What are the different types of tie knots and how do they look? A: There are three basic tie knots. The Four In Hand, which makes a small knot.
The Half Windsor, which makes a medium knot.
The Full Windsor, which is the fullest knot.

Q: How do you button a single-breasted 4-button suit coat? A: You button the first three buttons and leave the bottom one un-buttoned.

Q: How should a shorter man dress to look taller?
A: A single-breasted suit two-button suit will elongate your torso because the tie stacks up on the buttons thus creating a vertical line. Vertical patterns such as subtle stripes create length as well. Avoid cuffs and wide leg trousers because it will make your leg look shorter. Wear a bright tie, which forces the viewer to look up, giving the illusion of length. Put this all together and optical grow an inch or two.

Q: How wide should the lapel on a sports coat be? Should it differ from that on a suit coat?A: It’s about the same, anywhere form 3 3/4 to 4 1/4 "

Q: Should you wear pattern or solid colored socks with a suite?A: Either is correct. If the sock has a pattern with a color, try to match the accent color in the sock to the tie or the accent color in the suit.

Q: How can I get promoted faster?A: Dress three levels above the position you are seeking and your employer will start seeing you that way.

Q: How do I dress if I am interviewing for an upper management position?A: An upper management position requires sophisticated clothing of high quality.

Q: How do I know what to wear for a job interview?A: Research the dress code of the company you will be interviewing with and dress to the highest level.

Q: What are the best fabrics for a formal top coat?A: Cashmere, Camelhair, Cashmere wool blend or a high quality wool.

Q: What is the proper length for a formal Top coat?A: 5’ 6" height 42", 5’8" height 44", 5’10" height 46" 6’ height 47 1/2" 6’2 height 49"

Q: How long should the sleeves be on a formal top coat?A: They should be about 1/2 past your wrist to cover the shirt and the sleeve

Q: What are my best color choices for a formal top coat?A: To be worn over a formal suit, wear Black, Navy, Charcoal or Camel

Q: Should I wear an undershirt under my dress shirts?A: Always! It’s a better look and also holds the perspiration from soiling the shirt.

Q: What do I do if I find moth holes in my clothes?A: You have to take out all your clothes and have them treated or cleaned to kill the eggs. Then treat the closet with cedar blocks, cedar chips or moth balls

Q: How can I convert a suit into a more casual outfit?A: Try wearing a solid navy, or charcoal suit. Wear it with a medium gray or medium blue shirt, black belt and black shoes. When you shed the suit coat and tie, it will look like a finished business casual outfit.

Q: If I am dressed business casual with a open collar dress shirt. Should I wear a undershirt?A: You will look like your displaying your underwear if you wear your Haines white undershirt. Instead buy different colored solid "T" shirts, and wear a tone on tone combination. Like a navy "T" shirt worn under a blue open collared dress shirt.

Q: If I am in sales and I am seeing a client who dresses very casual, such as jeans, how should I dress?A: Wear a sport coat and slacks. It will be casual but still put you in the advisory position.

Q: How should the sleeves of my suit coat fit?A: The sleeves should taper, gradually ending just over the wrist so the shirt cuff extends about 1/2 inch beyond the jacket sleeve.

Q: How long should the length of my pants be?A: The length of the pants in the front should touch the front of the shoe and angle towards the back of the shoe to fall just above the heel.

Q: Should I wear cuffs or no cuffs?A: Cuff or no cuff is a personal choice, however no cuffs will make you legs look longer.

Q: How often should I wear a suit?A: If you wear a suit everyday, daily rotation is essential. Never wear the same suit two days in a row.

Q: How much money should I spend on a suit?A: Always purchase the best suit your budget can afford

Q: What steps I need to take to look impeccable for my job interview?A: Decide what you will wear in advance and check that it is clean,pressed, no missing buttons etc.

Q: How much of the shirt collar should show out of the back of your suit coat?A: There should be 1/2 shirt collar showing.

Q: At what point of my waist should I wear my trousers?A: You should wear your trousers just slightly about the navel.

Q: What is a pick stitch?A: A pick stitch is a small running hand stitch at the edge of the lapel and collar of a suit, which is a hallmark of a fine, high end custom handmade suit.

Q: How am I judged by my appearance?A: Within the first 30 seconds of meeting someone, there are ten value judgments being made about you including: Your education level, socio economic level, success level, position, organizational skills, trustworthiness, likeability, competence, integrity, and even moral character.

Q: If you are short, which will make you look taller, a double breasted or
single-breasted suit?A: A single-breasted suit will make you look taller because of the vertical lines of the buttons.

Q: What subliminal message does the color brown give?A: Down to earth, friendly and forthcoming.

Q: When two candidates are being interviewed for the same position and everything about them is equal. Which one gets the job?A: It’s been documented when all is equal the candidate that gets the job, is the one with more polish and presence and who looks the part.

Q: In a recent survey, how do most people want to appear in their clothing?A: Most people want to appear, taller, slimmer and younger.

Q: What is the correct measurement for the sleeve length on a suit coat or sport coat?A: The measurement is 4 1/4 from your thumb to the edge of your sleeve.

Q: If I am wearing a standard point collar dress shirt, what tie knot should I tie?A: You should tie a basic four in hand tie knot.

Q: Should I have my shirts starched?A: Generally speaking, the cheaper the shirt, the more starch it needs to look crisp. Expensive ready to wear and custom shirts , if they are truly quality, should have more body.

Q: How can I look slimmer wearing casual clothes?A: Create a clean uninterrupted line, by wearing the same color theme through out.

Q: What’s the most common reason for a person looking a few pounds over weight?A: The most common reason, is because people tend to still try to squeeze into too small clothing.

Q: If I wear a shirt with a spread collar, what tie knot should I tie?A: You should tie a Windsor knot.

Q: What percentage of companies has reversed their dress codes, from casual to formal dress within the past year?A: 1 out of 5 (20%) have returned to business formal and the trend is picking up momentum.

Q: According to a recent article in the New York Times, What is the anticipated rise in productivity associated with the return of business formal dress in the work place? A: An estimated 3.6% rise in productivity. To put that in perspective, productivity rose only 1.8 percent across all sectors of the economy in 2001.

Q: What type of socks do I wear with a tuxedo?A: Very thin solid black in silky fabric

Q: Are side vents in suit coats and sport coats in style?A: Yes, it gives the impression of refinement, good taste and elegance.

Q: What is a gorge line?A: The gorge line is the distance from the shoulder at the neck point to the first button of your suit coat. For instance a new Italian model suit coat, might have a higher or lower gorge line for expression.

Q: How many buttons should there be on the sleeve of a suit or sport jacket?A: 3 or 4 buttons are acceptable. It’s a matter of personal taste

Q: Should I button all three buttons on a three button suit?A: No, You should only button the top two

Q: Regarding suits, what is meant by a "drop"?A: A "drop " is the difference between your chest and waist. For instance, typically a size 42 suit coat comes with a 36 waist trouser, so it would fit a gentleman with a 6 " drop.

Q: Are suits coming back?A: Yes in a big way! In 2002 1 out of 5 companies have reversed their dressing policies back to business formal and the trend is picking up momentum.

Q: What collar length is in style?A: The most current collar length is between 2 3/4 and 3 inches

Q: What width tie is in fashion?A: 4 to 4 1/4 inches at the widest point

Q: If I have a very serious business meeting what should I wear?A: A dark navy or charcoal suit, either solid or pinstripe.

Q: What is the current trend, pleated or non pleated pants?A: The "fashion" look today is non pleated pants. However most men prefer pleated

Q: How do I get wrinkles out of my suits, sport coats and dress slacks?A: Try steaming the bathroom and let your clothes hang for about an hour. You will be amazed how the wrinkles will disappear.

Q: How do I keep my clothes from wrinkling when I travel?A: Try putting a piece of plastic from the dry cleaner over each one. It will form air pockets between your clothing and prevent them from wrinkling.

Q: How can I make sure my suits and sport coats keep their shape?A: Do not use wire hangers. Hang them on thick wood hangers designed for suits and sport coats

Q: What are braces?A: Braces are another word for suspenders

Q: What is meant by "illusionary dressing techniques"?A: Illusionary dressing techniques are ways of dressing that make you appear taller, thinner, and more proportionate than you actually are.

Q: Should I keep my clothes in garment bags?A: No! Clothes need to breath. If you keep them in a garment bag, they will oxidize and become discolored

Q: How do I protect my cloths from moths? A: Buy cedar blocks for your closet.

Q: What should I wear with a tuxedo, a vest or a cummerbund?A: A cummerbund is traditional and conservative and a vest is more contemporary and stylish.

Q: How often should I dry clean my suits?A: Dry clean only when they are very soiled or have an odor from perspiration. Over dry cleaning will make your suits shiny and dry out the fabric. Try spot cleaning and steaming out your suits to get rid of wrinkles.

Q: What is meant by "illusionary dressing techniques"?A: Illusionary dressing techniques are ways of dressing that make you appear taller, thinner, and more proportionate than you actually are.

Q: How do I protect my cloths from moths?A: Buy cedar blocks for your closet.

Q: In a recent survey, how do most people want to appear in their clothing?A: Most people want to appear, taller, slimmer and younger.

Q: If you have a serious interview, which color suit would be your safest choice?A: A solid navy suit is the safest color to wear for an interview

Q: What is the correct tie length?A: About one half inch past the waist of your trouser

Q: Can I wear suspenders on a trouser which has belt loops?A: If you always wear suspenders, it is a cleaner look with out the belt loops. If you wear suspenders occasionally, then you can get away with the trouser having belt loops.

Q: What is the correct sleeve length for the suit coat?A: Your dress shirtsleeve should extend a half-inch beyond the suit sleeve. . Your dress shirtsleeve should extend a half-inch beyond the suit sleeve.

Q: How should a shirt collar fit?A: You should be able to gently insert two fingers through the front neck without creating a crater or gagging yourself, than the collar fits properly.

Q: What color shoes should one wear with a navy suit or navy dress slacks?A: A navy suit or slacks works best when paired with either black or cordovan

Q: Is it advisable to wear a button down shirt with a business suit?A: Actually no! The button down shirt originated with the sport of polo, to keep shirt collars from slapping into players’ faces as they rode. A button down shirt is sporty and should be worn with a sports coat or with dress slacks.

Q: Which "suit of armor " will be perceived as the most powerful for a serious business meeting?A: A dark charcoal pin stripe suit communicates the strongest power message..

Q: Can patterns be worn together for suit, shirt and ties?A: Yes! The rule is, two patterns to one solid. For instance, if the suit is a solid than you can wear a patterned shirt and tie. If the suit has a pattern than wear a pattern shirt and a solid tie or a solid shirt and a pattern tie.

Q: Can I look taller by getting dressed?A: Yes, to look taller wear vertical strips in you suits. You will optically gain one inch.

Q: When I wear a three-button suit do I button all three buttons?A: No, Only button the first two.

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